Sara Nilsson

Researcher at Chemical Physics

Currently, my research focuses on nanoplasmonic sensing of the oxidation mechanisms of nanoparticles, copper in particular. I study the optical response of single nanoparticles by dark-field scattering spectroscopy and characterize the optical readout together with the particle grain structure to gain information on how it is affecting the oxidation mechanisms.
The purpose for studying this is to learn more about catalytic nanoparticles and to use the characterization method during single particle catalysis experiments.

I joined the group in 2015 as a master student. During this time, I have also worked with nanofabrication on optical fibers and detection of protein adsorption on single core-shell Au/SiO2 nanoparticles as well as CO2 adsorption on colloidal silica nanoparticles.

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Shedding light on CO oxidation surface chemistry on single Pt catalyst nanoparticles inside a nanofluidic model pore

David Albinsson, Stephan Bartling, Sara Nilsson et al
ACS Catalysis. Vol. 11 (4), p. 2021-2033
Journal article

Copper catalysis at operando conditions - bridging the gap between single nanoparticle probing and catalyst-bed-averaging

David Albinsson, Astrid Boje, Sara Nilsson et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 11 (1)
Journal article

A Library of Late Transition Metal Alloy Dielectric Functions for Nanophotonic Applications

Magnus Rahm, Christopher Tiburski, Tuomas Rossi et al
Advanced Functional Materials. Vol. 30 (35)
Journal article

Operando detection of single nanoparticle activity dynamics inside a model pore catalyst material

David Albinsson, Stephan Bartling, Sara Nilsson et al
Science advances. Vol. 6 (25)
Journal article

A nanofluidic device for parallel single nanoparticle catalysis in solution

Sune Levin, Joachim Fritzsche, Sara Nilsson et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

A nanofabricated plasmonic core-shell-nanoparticle library

Arturo Susarrey- Arce, K. M. Czajkowski, Iwan Darmadi et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 11 (44), p. 21207-21217
Journal article

Resolving single Cu nanoparticle oxidation and Kirkendall void formation with: In situ plasmonic nanospectroscopy and electrodynamic simulations

Sara Nilsson, David Albinsson, Tomasz Antosiewicz et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 11 (43), p. 20725-20733
Journal article

Single Copper Nanoparticle Oxidation

Sara Nilsson
Licentiate thesis

Heterodimers for in Situ Plasmonic Spectroscopy: Cu Nanoparticle Oxidation Kinetics, Kirkendall Effect, and Compensation in the Arrhenius Parameters

David Albinsson, Sara Nilsson, Tomasz Antosiewicz et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Journal article

In Situ Plasmonic Nanospectroscopy of the CO Oxidation Reaction over Single Pt Nanoparticles

Su Liu, Arturo Susarrey- Arce, Sara Nilsson et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 13 (5), p. 6090-6100
Journal article

A fiber-optic nanoplasmonic hydrogen sensor: Via pattern-transfer of nanofabricated PdAu alloy nanostructures

Ferry Nugroho, Robin Eklund, Sara Nilsson et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 10 (44), p. 20533-20539
Journal article

CO2 Detection and Plasmonic Spectroscopy of CO2 Adsorption Energetics in Porous Sorbents for CCS

Ferry Nugroho, C. Xu, Sara Nilsson et al
E-MRS Spring Meeting 2016, Lille, France
Paper in proceeding

Realizing Strong Light-Matter Interactions between Single-Nanoparticle Plasmons and Molecular Excitons at Ambient Conditions

Gülis Zengin, Martin Wersäll, Sara Nilsson et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 114 (15), p. Art. no. 157401-
Journal article

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