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Protecting ITER walls: fast ion power loads in 3D magnetic field

Taina Kurki-Suonio, K. Sarkimaki, S. Akaslompolo et al
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Vol. 59 (1)
Journal article

Effect of plasma response on the fast ion losses due to ELM control coils in ITER

J. Varje, O. Asunta, M. Cavinato et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 56 (4)
Journal article

Modelling of 3D fields due to ferritic inserts and test blanket modules in toroidal geometry at ITER

Yueqiang Liu, S. Akaslompolo, M. Cavinato et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 56 (6), p. Art. no. 066001-
Journal article

A European Effort for Kinetic Modelling of Runaway Electron Dynamics

Y Peysson, G Anastassiou, J-F Artaud et al
Theory and Simulation of Disruptions Workshop (TSDW 2016)
Conference contribution

An advection-diffusion model for cross-field runaway electron transport in perturbed magnetic fields

K. Sarkimaki, E. Hirvijoki, J. Decker et al
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. Vol. 58 (12)
Journal article

ITER fast ion confinement in the presence of the European test blanket module

S Äkäslompolo, Taina Kurki-Suonio, O Asunta et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 55 (9), p. 093010-
Journal article

Calculating the 3D magnetic field of ITER for European TBM studies

S Äkäslompolo, O Asunta, T Bergmans et al
Fusion Engineering and Design
Journal article

Monte Carlo method and High Performance Computing for solving Fokker–Planck equation of minority plasma particles

Eero Hirvijoki, Taina Kurki-Suonio, S Äkäslompolo et al
Journal of Plasma Physics. Vol. 81 (3), p. Art. no. 435810301 -
Journal article

Overview of the JET results with the ITER-like wall

I Abel, V Afanesyev, M Aftanas et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 53 (10), p. 104002-
Journal article

Overview of the JET results

F Romanelli, I Abel, V Afanesyev et al
Nuclear Fusion. Vol. 51 (9)
Journal article

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