Lin Shi

Post doc at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Food and Nutrition Science

Lin Shi’s research focus on the comprehensive analysis of metabolites and proteins in biological samples from humans, aiming to improve the understanding of the biological, environmental and nutritional factors on health and disease. • Bioinformatics tools for data processing and analysis: To develop and optimize bioinformatics tools and statistical strategies to overcome practical data analysis challenges arising from large-scale “omics” studies. • Biomarkers of type 2 diabetes: To identify biomarkers associated with risk of developing type 2 diabetes using metabolomics or proteomics in population studies, aiming to provide useful information related to disease pathophysiology and progression, and to improve disease risk prediction.• Role of diet in type 2 diabetes: To identify biomarkers of specific food items and dietary patterns using metabolomics or proteomics in population studies, and to investigate to what extent diet could affect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


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Joint Analysis of Metabolite Markers of Fish Intake and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Relation to Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Swedish Adults

Lin Shi, Carl Brunius, Ingvar A. Bergdahl et al
Journal of Nutrition. Vol. 149 (8), p. 1413-1423
Journal article

Visualization and interpretation of multivariate associations with disease risk markers and disease risk—The triplot

Tessa Schillemans, Lin Shi, Xin Liu et al
Metabolites. Vol. 9 (7)
Journal article

New alkylresorcinol metabolites in spot urine as biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye intake in a Swedish middle-aged population

Rikard Landberg, Roksana Wierzbicka, Lin Shi et al
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 72, p. 1439-1446
Journal article

Impact of location on composition of selected phytochemicals in wild sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Samanthi R.P. Madawala, Carl Brunius, Alok Adholeya et al
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis. Vol. 72, p. 115-121
Journal article

Plasma metabolites associated with type 2 diabetes in a Swedish population: a case-control study nested in a prospective cohort

Lin Shi, Carl Brunius, Marko Lehtonen et al
Diabetologia. Vol. 61 (4), p. 849-861
Journal article

Plasma metabolites associated with healthy Nordic dietary indexes and risk of type 2 diabetes-a nested case-control study in a Swedish population

Lin Shi, Carl Brunius, Ingegerd Johansson et al
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 108 (3), p. 564-575
Journal article

Targeted metabolomics reveals differences in the extended postprandial plasma metabolome of healthy subjects after intake of whole-grain rye porridges versus refined wheat bread.

Lin Shi, Carl Brunius, Magnus Lindelöf et al
Molecular nutrition & food research. Vol. 61 (7 (SI)), p. Article no. 1600924 -
Journal article

Indolepropionic acid and novel lipid metabolites are associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes in the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study.

Vanessa D de Mello, Jussi Paananen, Jaana Lindström et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 7, p. 46337-
Journal article

Effects of whole-grain rye porridge with added inulin and wheat gluten on appetite, gut fermentation and postprandial glucose metabolism: a randomised, cross-over, breakfast study.

Isabella Lee, Lin Shi, Dominic-Luc Webb et al
British Journal of Nutrition. Vol. 116 (12), p. 2139-2149
Journal article

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