Agin Vyas

Doctoral Student at Electronics Material and Systems Laboratory

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Enhanced Electrode Deposition for On-Chip Integrated Micro-Supercapacitors by Controlled Surface Roughening

Agin Vyas, K. Wang, Alec Anderson et al
ACS Omega. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Surface Roughening with Iron Nanoparticles for Promoted Adhesion of Spin Coated Microsupercapacitor Electrodes

Agin Vyas, Qi Li, F. Cornaglia et al
MRS Advances. Vol. 4 (23), p. 1335-1340
Paper in proceedings

Carbon-Based Electrode Materials for Microsupercapacitors in Self-Powering Sensor Networks: Present and Future Development

Anderson David Smith, Qi Li, Agin Vyas et al
Sensors. Vol. 19 (19)
Journal article

Investigation of palladium current collectors for vertical graphene-based microsupercapacitors

Agin Vyas, F. Cornaglia, T. Rattanasawatesun et al
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1319 (1)
Paper in proceedings

Toward CMOS compatible wafer-scale fabrication of carbon-based microsupercapacitors for IoT

Anderson David Smith, Qi Li, A. Anderson et al
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 1052 (1)
Paper in proceedings

A Micromachined Coupled-Cantilever for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters

Agin Vyas, Henrik Staaf, Cristina Rusu et al
Micromachines. Vol. 9 (5)
Journal article

Graphite paper / carbon nanotube composite: A potential supercapacitor electrode for powering microsystem technology

Qi Li, Anderson David Smith, Mohammad Mazharul Haque et al
Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Vol. 922 (1)
Paper in proceedings

Smart design for MEMS Piezoelectric Harvester

Agin Vyas, Henrik Staaf, Peter Enoksson
Micronano System Workshop MSW 2016, 17-18 May, Lund, Sweden
Paper in proceedings

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