Merima Hasani

Associate Professor at Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Chemical Reaction Engineering

Merima Hasani defended her doctoral thesis "Chemical modification of cellulose: New possibilities of some classical routes" in October 2010 within the Fibre Technology Center, Avancell (a collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology, Södra Cell, Tetra Pak and Korsnäs). Her postdoctoral project explores new methods for chemical modification of cellulose in aqueous systems.


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Differences in Swelling of Chemical Pulp Fibers and Cotton Fibers - Effect of the Supramolecular Structure

Anna Palme, Fredrik Aldaeus, Tomas Larsson et al
BioResources. Vol. 14 (3), p. 5698-5715
Journal article

The CO2 capturing ability of cellulose dissolved in NaOH(aq) at low temperature

Maria Gunnarsson, Diana Bernin, Åsa Östlund et al
Green Chemistry. Vol. 20 (14), p. 3279-3286
Journal article

About structural changes of lignin during kraft cooking and the kinetics of delignification

Cecilia Mattsson, Merima Hasani, Binh Dang et al
Holzforschung. Vol. 71 (7-8), p. 545-553
Journal article

The sorption of monovalent cations onto wood flour and holocelluloses of Norway spruce: molecular interactions during LiCl impregnation

Reddysuresh Kolavali, Merima Hasani
Holzforschung. Vol. 71 (5), p. 373-381
Journal article

Chemisorption of air CO2 on cellulose: an overlooked feature of the cellulose/NaOH(aq) dissolution system

Maria Gunnarsson, Hans Theliander, Merima Hasani
Cellulose. Vol. 24 (6), p. 2427-2436
Journal article

Hydrothermal pretreatment of wood by mild steam explosion and hot water extraction

Joanna Wojtasz-Mucha, Merima Hasani, Hans Theliander
Bioresource Technology. Vol. 241, p. 120-126
Journal article

Nanocellulose in biocomposites

Karin Sahlin, Tobias Moberg, Lilian Forsgren et al
Proc Materials for Tomorrow 2016, p. Nr 41-
Conference poster

The sorption of monovalent cations onto norway spruce: Model studies using wood flour and LiCl solution

Reddysuresh Kolavali, Merima Hasani, Hans Theliander
Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology. Vol. 37 (2), p. 110-123
Journal article

Erratum: Cationic surface functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals (Soft Matter (2008) 4 (2238-2244))

Merima Hasani, E.D. Cranston, Gunnar Westman et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 11 (37), p. 7440-
Journal article

Analyses of wood components in mild steam explosion liquors from spruce

Kerstin Jedvert, Merima Hasani, T. Wells et al
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal. Vol. 29 (4), p. 557-566
Journal article

Nano-cellulosic materials: The impact of water on their dissolution in DMAc/LiCl

Merima Hasani, U. Henniges, Alexander Idström et al
Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 98 (2), p. 1565-1572
Journal article

Electron Beam Irradiation of Cellulosic Materials-Opportunities and Limitations

U. Henniges, Merima Hasani, A. Potthast et al
Materials. Vol. 6 (5), p. 1584-1598
Journal article

Molecular characterization of hydrolyzed cationized nanocrystalline cellulose, cotton cellulose and softwood kraft pulp using high resolution 1D and 2D NMR

Hanna de la Motte, Merima Hasani, Harald Brelid et al
Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 85 (4), p. 738-746
Journal article

Self-crosslinking of 2-hydroxypropyl-N-methylmorpholinium chloride cellulose fibres

Merima Hasani, Gunnar Westman
Cellulose. Vol. 18 (3), p. 575-583
Journal article

Cationization of Cellulose by Using N-Oxiranylmethyl-N-Methylmorpholinium Chloride and 2-Oxiranylpyridine as Etherification Agents

Merima Hasani, Gunnar Westman, A. Potthast et al
Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 114 (3), p. 1449-1456
Journal article

Cationic surface functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals

Merima Hasani, Emily D. Cranston, Gunnar Westman et al
Soft Matter (4(11)), p. 2238-2244
Journal article

Synthesis, antitumor evaluation and DNA binding studies of novel amidino-benzimidazolyl substituted derivatives of furyl-phenyl- and thienyl-phenyl-acrylates, naphthofurans and naphthothiophenes

Marijana Hranjec, Kristina Starcevic, Ivo Piantanida et al
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (43(12)), p. 2877-2890
Journal article

New coupling reagents for homogeneous esterification of cellulose

Merima Hasani, Gunnar Westman
Cellulose. Vol. 14 (4), p. 347-356
Journal article

Comparing mono- and divalent DNA groove binding cyanine dyes--Binding geometries, dissociation rates, and fluorescence properties

Maja Eriksson, Fredrik Westerlund, Merima Mehmedovic et al
Biophysical Chemistry. Vol. 122 (3), p. 195-205
Journal article

New wood fiber-based products through alteration of kraft pulp characteristics

Margareta Söderqvist-Lindblad, Johannes Bogren, Harald Brelid et al
Workshop on Chemical Pulping Processes, November 14-15
Conference contribution

Time-resolved electrophoretic analysis of mobility shifts for dissociating DNA ligands

M. Eriksson, Merima Hasani, Gunnar Westman et al
Electrophoresis. Vol. 26 (3), p. 524-532
Journal article

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Development of resource-efficient chemical processes, part 2

Hans Theliander Chemical Reaction Engineering
Merima Hasani Chemical Reaction Engineering
Tuve Mattsson Chemical Reaction Engineering
Anders Åkesjö Chemical Reaction Engineering
Huyen Lyckeskog Chemical Reaction Engineering


Functionalized cellulose structures from aqueous alkaline systems

Shirin Naserifar Chemical Reaction Engineering
Diana Bernin Chemical Engineering Design
Merima Hasani Chemical Reaction Engineering
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation


Biochemical conversion of bark

Johan Larsbrink Industrial Biotechnology
Amanda Sörensen Ristinmaa Unknown organization
Merima Hasani Chemical Reaction Engineering
Swedish Energy Agency


Turning the cold NaOH(aq) into a powerful processing system for cellulose by utilizing its abundance of CO2 - a step towards sustainable textile processes

Merima Hasani Forest Products and Chemical Engineering
Beatrice Swensson Chemical Reaction Engineering
Anette Larsson Anette Larsson Group


Etablera närodlad textil i Sverige

Merima Hasani Forest Products and Chemical Engineering


Avancell - Vedbaserad Cellulosatextil

Gunnar Westman Organic Chemistry
Hans Theliander Forest Products and Chemical Engineering
Lars Nordstierna Applied Surface Chemistry
Merima Hasani Forest Products and Chemical Engineering

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