Marija Cvijovic

Senior Lecturer at Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Research focus is on systems biology of aging and protein-folding diseases. To approach these problems group is developing highly specialized dynamic models complemented with experimental work. The goal is to understand mechanisms that lead to the formation of protein-folding diseases and relate biochemical cellular processes to healthy ageing and longevity. By pursuing these goals, important scientific information will be available to address key priorities for public health policy in the 21st century.Web:


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Synergistic effects of repair, resilience and retention of damage determine the conditions for replicative ageing

Johannes Borgqvist, Niek Welkenhuysen, Marija Cvijovic
Scientific Reports. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

Modelling of oscillatory cortisol response in horses using a Bayesian population approach for evaluation of dexamethasone suppression test protocols

Felix Held, Carl Ekstrand, Marija Cvijovic et al
Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. Vol. 46 (1), p. 75-87
Journal article

Robustness of Nutrient Signaling Is Maintained by Interconnectivity Between Signal Transduction Pathways

Niek Welkenhuysen, Barbara Maria Schnitzer, Linnea Österberg et al
Frontiers in Physiology. Vol. 9
Journal article

Cardiac troponin T concentrations and patient-specific risk of myocardial infarction using the novel PALfx parameter

Damiano Ognissanti, Christian Bjurman, Martin J. Holzmann et al
Clinical Biochemistry. Vol. 66, p. 21-28
Journal article

Adaptive damage retention mechanism enables healthier yeast population

Qasim Ali, Riccardo Dainese, Marija Cvijovic
Journal of Theoretical Biology. Vol. 473, p. 52-66
Journal article

Challenge model of TNFα turnover at varying LPS and drug provocations

Felix Held, Edmund Hoppe, Marija Cvijovic et al
Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. Vol. 46 (3), p. 223-240
Journal article

Creating an automated micromanipulator with a microfluidics and optical tweezers approach to study replicative ageing

Niek Welkenhuysen, Martin Mojica-Benavides, Caroline B. Adiels et al
Optical Manipulation and Its Applications - Proceedings Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences Congress 2019 (BODA, BRAIN, NTM, OMA, OMP)
Paper in proceedings

Heart rate variability characteristics of patients with irritable bowel syndrome and associations with symptoms

A. Polster, P. Friberg, V. Gunterberg et al
Neurogastroenterology and Motility. Vol. 30 (7)
Journal article

Focus on resolution

Stefan Hohmann, Marija Cvijovic
Current Opinion in Systems Biology. Vol. 7, p. iv-v
Introductory text in journal

Bayesian hierarchical model of oscillatory cortisol response during drug intervention

Felix Held, Carl Ekstrand, Edmund Hoppe et al
Conference poster

Single-cell study links metabolism with nutrient signaling and reveals sources of variability

Niek Welkenhuysen, Johannes Borgqvist, M. Backman et al
BMC Systems Biology. Vol. 11 (1), p. Article Number: 59-
Journal article

Strategies for structuring interdisciplinary education in systems biology: An European perspective

Marija Cvijovic, Thomas Höfer, Jure Aćimović et al
npj Systems Biology and Applications. Vol. 2
Journal article

Stress granule-defective mutants deregulate stress responsive transcripts

Xiaoxue Yang, Yi Shen, Elena Garré et al
PLoS Genetics. Vol. 10 (11), p. e1004763-
Journal article

Bridging the gaps in systems biology

Marija Cvijovic, Joachim E Almqvist, Jonas Hagmar et al
Molecular Genetics and Genomics. Vol. 289 (5), p. 727-734
Journal article

Essential Genetic Interactors of SIR2 Required for Spatial Sequestration and Asymmetrical Inheritance of Protein Aggregates

J. Song, Q. Yang, Junsheng Yang et al
PLoS Genetics. Vol. 10 (7), p. Article Number: e1004539 -
Journal article

Yeast AMP-activated protein kinase monitors glucose concentration changes and absolute glucose levels

Loubna Bendrioua, Maria Smedh, Joachim Almquist et al
Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 289 (18), p. 12863-12875
Journal article

Kinetic models in industrial biotechnology - Improving cell factory performance

Joachim Almquist, Marija Cvijovic, V. Hatzimanikatis et al
Metabolic Engineering. Vol. 24, p. 38-60
Journal article

yApoptosis: yeast apoptosis database

Kwanjeera Wanichthanarak, Marija Cvijovic, Andrea Molt et al
Database : the journal of biological databases and curation. Vol. 2013 (Art. no. bat068)
Journal article

Removal of damaged proteins during ES cell fate specification requires the proteasome activator PA28

Malin Hernebring, Åsa Fredriksson, M. Liljevald et al
Scientific Reports (3), p. artikel nr 1381-
Journal article

Does ketoprofen or diclofenac pose the lowest risk to fish?

Filip Cuklev, J. Fick, Marija Cvijovic et al
Journal of Hazardous Materials. Vol. 229-230, p. 100-106
Journal article

Global hepatic gene expression in rainbow trout exposed to sewage effluents: A comparison of different sewage treatment technologies

Filip Cuklev, Lina-Maria Gunnarsson, Marija Cvijovic et al
Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 427-428, p. 106-114
Journal article

Boolean model of yeast apoptosis as a tool to study yeast and human apoptotic regulations

Laleh Kazemzadeh, Marija Cvijovic, Dina Petranovic Nielsen
Frontiers in Physiology. Vol. 3
Journal article

Mathematical models of cell factories: moving towards the core of industrial biotechnology

Marija Cvijovic, Sergio Velasco, Jens B Nielsen
Microbial Biotechnology. Vol. 4 (5), p. 572-584
Journal article

BioMet Toolbox: genome-wide analysis of metabolism

Marija Cvijovic, Roberto Olivares Hernandez, Rasmus Ågren et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 38 (SUPPL. 2), p. W144-W149
Journal article

Selective benefits of damage partitioning in unicellular systems and its effects on aging

Nika Erjavec, Marija Cvijovic, Edda Klipp et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 105 (48), p. 18764-18769
Journal article

Identification of putative regulatory upstream ORFs in the yeast genome using heuristics and evolutionary conservation

Marija Cvijovic, Daniel Dalevi, Elizabeth Bilsland et al
BMC Bioinformatics. Vol. 8, p. 295-
Journal article

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