Mia Stråvik

Doctoral Student at Food and Nutrition Science

Mia Stråvik is a PhD-student at the division of Food and Nutrition Science. Her research is a part of the national birth-cohort Nutritional impact on Immunological maturation during Childhood in relation to the Environment (NICE) study. In her research, she focuses on the role of early exposure to dietary and environmental factors, in relation to early-life allergy development. Considering allergy is affecting a crucial amount of the world’s population, identifying factors contributing to this condition is of high importance for improving and maintaining health and quality of life. The aim of her research is to investigate if food intake during pregnancy, lactation and in early life, can be used as a tool to prevent allergy during childhood.

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Low-level maternal exposure to cadmium, lead, and mercury and birth outcomes in a Swedish prospective birth-cohort

Klara Gustin, Malin Barman, Mia Stråvik et al
Environmental Pollution. Vol. 265
Journal article

Maternal Intake of Cow's Milk during Lactation Is Associated with Lower Prevalence of Food Allergy in Offspring

Mia Stråvik, Malin Barman, Bill Hesselmar et al
Nutrients. Vol. 12 (12), p. 1-19
Journal article

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