Bita Forghani Targhi

Visiting Researcher at Food and Nutrition Science

Bita Forghani is a researcher at the division of Food and Nutrition Science. Her research is mainly focused on the recovery of proteins and other nutrients from seafood processing waters using mild technologies comprising flocculation plus dissolved air flotation or centrifugation. Apart from performing separation trials at a laboratory scale, she has been involved in several large-scale trials on site at seafood companies to scale up the recovery technique. To evaluate the suitability of the recovered protein biomass as a food ingredient, she also studies its technofunctional properties and storage stability. The long term goal is to help seafood companies to move towards more sustainable practices in terms of maximum use of their raw materials. Previously she has been involved in a project generating and studying antihypertensive peptides from sea cucumber.

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A recyclable dipping strategy to stabilize herring (Clupea harengus) co-products during ice storage

Haizhou Wu, Bita Forghani Targhi, Mursalin Sajib et al
Food and Bioprocess Technology
Journal article

Flocculation and Flotation to Recover Protein-Enriched Biomasses from Shrimp Boiling and Peeling Process Waters: A Case Study

Bita Forghani Targhi, Ann-Dorit Moltke Sørensen, Johan Johannesson et al
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Vol. 8 (26), p. 9660-9668
Journal article

Production of GABA-enriched idli with ACE inhibitory and antioxidant properties using Aspergillus oryzae: the antihypertensive effects in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Mohsen Zareian, Ehsan Oskoueian, Marjan Majdinasab et al
Food and Function. Vol. 11 (5), p. 4304-4313
Journal article

Recovery of a protein-rich biomass from shrimp (Pandalus borealis) boiling water: A colloidal study

Bita Forghani Targhi, Anna Ström, Romain Bordes et al
Food Chemistry. Vol. 302, p. 125299-
Journal article

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Seaweed as a vehicle for nutrients in a circular food chain - innovative steps to accomplish a protein shift (CirkAlg)

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Sustainable recovery of biomass from seafood processing water

Bita Forghani Targhi Food and Nutrition Science

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