Haizhou Wu

Post doc at Food and Nutrition Science

Haizhou Wu is a postdoc at the division of Food and Nutrition Science. His research is mainly focused on developing new technologies for stabilization of seafood by-products against lipid oxidation, specifically by removing/deactivating blood/Hb or by adding smart antioxidant solutions. In his project, studies are done in various models, ranging from isolated fish erythrocytes up to whole fish by-products. The aim is to raise the value of seafood by-products so they can be recycled back into the food chain. The project will hereby contribute to a circular economy and increased potential for industrial symbiosis.

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Stabilization of herring (Clupea harengus) by-products against lipid oxidation by rinsing and incubation with antioxidant solutions

Haizhou Wu, Semhar Ghirmai, Ingrid Undeland
Food Chemistry. Vol. 316
Journal article

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