Johan Iraeus

Researcher at Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Vehicle Safety, Injury Prevention

Johan’s research is focused on biomechanics, with emphasis on car crashes. The research is mainly carried out using computer simulations with human body models, but also includes database studies. A field of specialization is population based simulations, i.e. how system changes influence a population. The goal is to be able to predict the effect of new countermeasures in terms of saved lives/reduced harm, before the system is on the market. Johan defended his PhD thesis in 2015 and before that he worked for more than ten years with computer aided vehicle development, primarily crashworthiness.


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Implementation and Calibration of Active Reflexive Cervical Muscles on Female Head-Neck Model

I Putu Alit Putra, Johan Iraeus, Robert Thomson et al
Conference poster

Kinematic assessment of subject personification of human body models (THUMS)

Ana Piqueras-Lorente, Johan Iraeus, A. Lorente et al
Conference proceedings International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury, IRCOBI. Vol. 2018-September, p. 191-206
Paper in proceedings

Implementation and Calibration of the LS-DYNA PID Controller for Female Cervical Muscles

I Putu Alit Putra, Johan Iraeus, Robert Thomson
Conference contribution

Towards omni-directional active human body models

Karin Brolin, Jóna Marin Olafsdottir, Johan Iraeus et al
6th International Symposium on Human Modeling and Simulation in Automotive Engineering, Heidelberg, GERMANY, October 20-21
Conference contribution

Mathematical Occupant Models in Side Impacts - A Validation Study with Particular Emphasis on the Torso and Shoulder and their Influence on Head and Neck Motion

Bengt Pipkorn, Peter Halldin, Lotta Jakobsson et al
International IRCOBI Conference on the Biomechanics of Impact, p. 99-114
Paper in proceedings

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Open Access Virtual Testing Protocols for Enhanced Road User Safety (VIRTUAL)

Mats Svensson Vehicle Safety
Johan Iraeus Vehicle Safety
Robert Thomson Vehicle Safety
I Putu Alit Putra Vehicle Safety
Astrid Linder Vehicle Safety
European Commission


Future Occupant Safety for Crashes in Cars (OSCCAR)

Johan Davidsson Vehicle Safety
András Bálint Vehicle Safety
Jason Fice Vehicle Safety
Johan Iraeus Vehicle Safety
Erik Eliasson Vehicle Safety
Hosein Naseri Dynamics
European Commission (Horizon 2020)


Assessment of Passenger Safety in Future Cars

Mats Svensson Vehicle Safety
Bengt Pipkorn Vehicle Safety
Anna-Lisa Osvalder Design and Human Factors
Lotta Jakobsson Vehicle Safety
Johan Iraeus Vehicle Safety
Karl-Johan Larsson Vehicle Safety


Virtual Vehicle Safety Assessment Step 2: Open Source Human Body Models and Crash Testing (Viva II)

Mats Svensson Vehicle Safety
Robert Thomson Vehicle Safety
Johan Iraeus Vehicle Safety
I Putu Alit Putra Vehicle Safety
Astrid Linder Vehicle Safety


Development of Implementable Omni-Directional Chest, Spine and Head Injury Criteria for Human Body Models

Mats Svensson Person Injury Prevention
Johan Davidsson Person Injury Prevention
Johan Iraeus Person Injury Prevention
Karin Brolin Person Injury Prevention

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