Jordanka Kovaceva

Projektledare forskning at Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Vehicle Safety



Proactive Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists (PROSPECT)

Jordanka Kovaceva Accident Prevention
European Commission (Horizon 2020)

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Accident Analysis, Naturalistic Driving Studies and Project Implications

M Wisch, M Lerner, A Schneider et al

Contributing factors to car crashes related to driver inattention for different age groups

Jordanka Kovaceva, András Bálint, Helen Fagerlind et al
Proceedings of the 4th International Driver Distraction and Inattention Conference, Sydney, New South Wales, November 2015
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Deliverable D3.3: Data management in euroFOT

. Selpi, Samuel Borgen, Jonas Bärgman et al

On data security and analysis platforms for analysis of naturalistic driving data

Jonas Bärgman, Helena Gellerman, Jordanka Kovaceva et al
Proceedings of the 8th European Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, June 2011, Lyon
Conference paper - peer reviewed

Automatic incident detection and classification at intersections

Jorge Alejandro León Cano, Jordanka Kovaceva, Magdalena Lindman et al
21st International Conference on Enhanced Safety of Vehicles, ESV, p. Paper 09-0234
Conference paper - non peer reviewed